Dr. Billy Graham: "When my wife Ruth and I saw the inductive Bible studies that were prepared by Kay Arthur, we were thrilled. We found that the inductive approach helps readers of the Bible discover deeper truths that will strengthen them for their daily life. We want more people to have the opportunity to study the Bible in this way!"

Dr. James Dobson: "The wonderful ministry of Jack and Kay Arthur has done much to advance the cause of Christ and spread the cause of Christ and the light of His Word around the world! Incalculable lives have been impacted by their insights into the treasures of Scripture and how biblical principles apply to the challenges we face as believers."

Dr. Charles Stanley: "I have witnessed the power of God at work through Jack and Kay Arthur and Precept Ministries International for the past two decades. Through its challenging use of inductive Bible study methods, a literal army of men and women worldwide have been thoroughly equipped to become the workmen who do not need to be ashamed, having accurately divided the Word of Truth. The fruit of their labor is sturdy, rooted saints who know God and His Word."

Pastor inside China: "We have believed for so long that the Chinese Christians desperately need to know how to study the Bible for themselves. Not only for their spiritual growth but also to be able to discern truth from error."

Jan 2012 Precept Workshop Attendee: “The workshop has been helpful to strengthen my skill of studying the Bible and also Precept studies.”

Betty Wong in Hong Kong, August 2009: "Precept introduced me to approach the study of the Word in a spirit of worship – to draw near to listen, and it makes a whole world of difference. Before, I tended to read the text and rush into commentaries and devotionals for explanation and application. In a sense, I depended on others to tell me what God was saying and at the time I would ignore the things I thought to be not convincing or not applicable. Now I am learning to depend on the Spirit to unveil the truth. As I study, wait and listen, the Word of God becomes like a mine of treasures – there is increasing excitement and joy in the digging and digging deeper. Though it requires discipline in time, hard work and patience, the truths discovered firsthand are so precious, convicting, compelling, that you readily embrace them and submit to them by faith. When you find yourself in the very presence of your God, being taught of Him, letting Him tell you about Himself, His work, His love for you and for all His children and for all mankind, you will never be the same. It is unmistakable – that God is speaking. It is inexcusable – that God is speaking to you. It is inexpressible – praise, more praise, endless praise."