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Voices - Part 1

By Pam Gillaspie

God is very clear that He alone is God and that He alone is to be worshiped. At Mount Sinai He gave Israel laws and commandments and required them to worship Him. He knew that false prophets attempted to turn Israelites from God to false gods. In the Old Testament, some prophets in Israel who claimed to speak for God were clearly false prophets. They spoke from themselves, claiming that God had spoken through them. They were able to perform signs and wonders in order to convince the rebellious that they were speaking for God. Voices- Part 1 examines how God spoke prior to the coming of Jesus Christ and how impostors have spoken over the ages. We’ll answer questions including: - Who did God speak to and why? - What different ways did God use to communicate to His people? - How did God’s people discern between true and false prophets?

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