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Influence : Living and Sharing a Life of Wisdom

By Jan Silvious & Pam Gillaspie

Authors Pam Gillaspie and Jan Silvious guide students through a study of mentoring relationships in the Bible while sharing snapshots from their own mentoring relationships along the way. Looking at both sides of the mentoring relationship, Influence works well as either a group or individual study. The eight lessons cover a variety of mentoring relationships and consider not only mentoring benefits but the importance safeguarding against potential problems as well. Topics include: * Wise Friends Lead to Wise Ways * Mentoring in the Moment: Learning the Art of Paying Attention * Mentoring for the Long Haul: Leverage through Access and Observation * Mentoring in the Church: A New Testament How-To Guide * Mentoring Gone Wrong: Learning from Failed Relationships * The Mentoring of the Spirit and the Word * Empowering Your Legacy: Passing on to Others what God has Taught You. No matter where you are, there's always another step to take. There's always more to learn . . . there are always others who can influence you and those you can influence.

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